Render Finishes

web-photo-11.jpgThe final coat in an external wall insulation system is usually one of the pre-mixed, through colour decorative renders. The Jubizol renders are very durable, UV stable and flexible providing a low-Maintenance solution compared to mineral renders. In coastal regions it is recommended to use silicone render. There is an extensive range of colours available in the Acrylic, Silicone and Silicate renders together with different grain sizes and textures. These products can be hand or spray applied. If Jubizol mineral or scratch render is required it is only available in white but can be painted with a silicone paint to any colour within the Jub range. All decorative trims should be adhered to the jubizol base coat prior to application of the final render topcoat.

Carbon Scratch Render is a through coloured mineral render designed for application onto blockwork / brickwork and masonry. Carbon Scratch is durable and can be applied and scratched back in a single day, weather permitting. 



Nanoxil provides decorative protection to façade wall surfaces of modern tall buildings with no or with minimum protruding roofs.


Unixil is intended for decorative protection of wall surfaces of all types of buildings, including multi-storey buildings with minimum protruding roofs.


Minerol is a thin-coat render which requires painting.

Brickslip/Brick Renders

Flexible brickslip veneer and brick effect render.


Decorative render finishes.


Decorative render finishes.


Decorative render finishes.


  • Jub
  • Jubin
  • Jubizol
  • Jubolin
  • Juboflex
  • Jubosil
  • Jupol
  • Jufix
  • Jumix