JUB External Wall Insulation, Renders and Paints

rendering.jpgJUB has developed a range of high quality external wall insulation systems, renders and paints suitable for application onto both new and existing buildings, including homes, business premesis and schools.

Careful consideration has been given to all conventional construction methods, such as cavity and single skin walls, as well as to timber and lightweight metal frame structures, either as infill panels to concrete or steel framed constructions, or as structural building systems.

JUB's products are equally suitable for high and low rise developments, in urban or rural locations, in sheltered or exposed situations and for new or existing buildings.


External Wall Insulation Systems Exernal wall insulation is a proven development in the reduction of heat loss from buildings. JUB External Wall Insulation systems act as a jacket to the building, keeping the warmth in whilst protecting the integral stucture.
Render Only Systems The extensive range of renders and grain sizes allow for a greater variety of textures for any building, while a vast palette of colours that are available provides for a unique look.


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