layers.jpgPrimers (key coats) are designed to provide adequate adhesion between the surface and subsequent topcoats. Primer equalizes the absorption of the surface, binds dust particles that cannot be removed by cleaning, and improves adhesion. It can also harden the surface. Primers are not independent coatings; they are always used as a first coating in the coating system.



Unigrund is water based acrylic slurry prime coat with a low odour formulation free of ecologically harmful and health hazardous ingredients.

Akril Emulsion

A water dispersion primer for all types of mineral topcoat renders as well as a primer    for existing paint prior to an application of a topcoat render.


Primer for Paints

For projects where a JUB paint is required for existing rendered or painted surfaces then please review the Primer for Paints information table.


  • Jub
  • Jubin
  • Jubizol
  • Jubolin
  • Juboflex
  • Jubosil
  • Jupol
  • Jufix
  • Jumix