Siloxaned acrylic smooth render unixil.jpgSiloxane Acrylic Smooth Render UNIXIL is a thin-coat render made on the basis of polymeric binders, with selected ratio’s between fine and course filling materials and a combination of modern thickeners, moisteners and siloxane additives. It has a typical evenly grained surface. This render provides decorative protection to façade wall surfaces of all types of buildings including multi-storey buildings with small projecting roofs. Due to relatively high water-vapour permeability, which is typical for acrylic renders, it may also be applied as the final render in contact façade thermal insulating systems based on mineral wool.

Product features

  • The render is distinguished by easy application and low toughness due to the selected ratio between fine and rough sand fillings
  • Longer treatment time
  • High water repellency and strength
  • High resistance to atmospheric loads
  • Relatively high water vapour permeability
  • Suitable as render finish on contact façade thermal insulation systems made on mineral wool
  • Long-term resistance to infection with wall algae and mould


Unixil Winter Grade

Unixil Winter GradeUnixil is also available in a winter grade for use in temperature from 1deg C to 15 deg C and up to 95% humidity.


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