NanoxilNANO is a thin-coat high quality self cleaning render, whose key components are made in accordance with the latest discoveries in nanotechnologies. Due to a high level of silicone binders and siloxane additives, façade surfaces treated with NANO are more resistant to dust, soot and dirt. Self-cleaning effect is therefore achieved on places exposed to precipitation. The render adheres well to all types of fine-coarse construction surfaces and base renders of façade thermal insulating systems.

Product features

  • It is made on the basis of the latest discoveries in nanotechnologies
  • It is more difficult for dust, soot, and other dirt to adhere to the surface due to the high content of silicone binders and siloxaned supplements
  • Highly resistant on façade surfaces which are extremely exposed to precipitation – extremely high resistance to effects of smoke, ultraviolet radiation, and other atmospheric factors;
  • Long-term resistance to infection with wall algae and mould

NANO is available in a wide range of colour shades; 78 shades from the JUB colour chart.


  • Jub
  • Jubin
  • Jubizol
  • Jubolin
  • Juboflex
  • Jubosil
  • Jupol
  • Jufix
  • Jumix