Expanded Polystyrene Boards (EPS)

jubizol-eps.jpgExpanded Polystyrene Board is a rigid, lightweight low density, closed cell foam plastic and provides a thermal insulation layer for any building type, including masonry and cavity installations.

Boards are available in a range of thicknesses from 1 to 20cm providing excellent thermal characteristics.

EPS boards can be cut with a knife, a saw or an electric cutter.

Used in Jubizol S, Jubizol MP, Jubizol Phenolic, Jubizol Cavity S and Jubizol Cavity MP systems.


Jubizol EPS

Lightweight Expanded Polystyrene Boards (EPS) providing excellent thermal characteristics.

Jubizol EPS Graphite

Lightweight Expanded Polystyrene Boards (EPS) with the addition of graphite providing improved thermal insulation capabilities.


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