Jubizol adhesive mortar

jubizol-adhesive-mortar.jpgAdhesive for facade insulating boards.

Area of usage

JUBIZOL ADHESIVE MORTAR is a dry mix microfibre reinforced polymer-based. It is suitable for fixing of EPS and XPS boards and also mineral wool boards and lamellas. Suitable surfaces: brick, concrete, aerated concrete, fiber-cement boards, mineral renders.

Colour Range: grey.


Stainlness steel finishing trowel, Airless spraying gun

Usage per square meter

EPS/XPS consumption (fixing and reinforcing): 8 kg / m2; Mineral wool consumption (fixing and reinforcing): 12 kg/m2


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  • Acrylic Render
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  • Breathable Render
  • External Insulation
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  • External Wall Insulation
  • Insulated Render
  • Interior Levelling Compound
  • Mould Resistant Paint
  • NHBC Cavity Rail System
  • Pre-Mixed Plaster
  • Scratch Render
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