Sustainability and Environmental Protection

JUB is privately owned company and understands fully its responsibility to not just the local environment but to the increasing demand for sustainable manufacturing.

As part of this emphasis on protecting the environment, JUB is committed to working towards being fully sustainable by the year 2020, therefore establishing a zero carbon impact on production, use of resources and waste to landfill and waste to water discharge.

The company’s sustainable development program dictates that it continuously invests in modern, environmentally friendly technologies that are both clean and safe, whilst ensuring its social responsibilities of a harm free working environment.

The new JUB EPS manufacturing plant is totally powered by solar energy whilst the whole factory operates from 2 site based water turbines which use the purified industrial water from the site.

The JUB vision recognised that industrial waste water was a serious hazard to the environment and therefore invested in 2 chemical purification systems as well as a biological treatment plant to ensure that the waste is so clean that it can be discharged back into the watercourse on site.

Sustainability is not just about the manufacturing processes, so at JUB we recognise the importance of recycling, employee comfort and training and looking after the local community as well as establishing good sustainability and environmental credentials with partnering companies, suppliers and supply chains.

JUB’s vision of today will lead to the sustainability of tomorrow.


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