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Jubolin Airless Spray Plaster

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Faster Application Saves time and increases productivity
Improved Finished Quality Consistent quality finish by spraying
Minimal Wastage Spraying pre-mixed plaster reduces waste to less than 1%
Ready Mixed Pre-mixed in bags or tubs no mixing required on site.
Bright White Finish Consistent white finish making subsequent paint coating easier.


JUBOLIN Airless Spray Plaster is a quick and easily applied sprayed finish, suitable
for a range of backgrounds including plasterboard, concrete, lime render, cement
render, cement fibre boards, chipboards and previously non absorbent painted

Applied at a maximum thickness of 3mm along with a 12 hour drying time JUBOLIN
Spray Plaster can be finished smooth for decoration with suitable internal paints or
one of the JUB Jupol internal paints or decorative finishes.

  Jubolin Airless Spray Plaster Literature
  Jubolin Airless Spray Technical Data Sheet P50 Extra Fine
  Jubolin Airless Spray Technical Data Sheet P25 Fine


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